The End?

So here there are the last 2 unpainted lizardmen in my collection: the spear saurus. Most probably I’ll never gather an entire unit of them, they are quite rare and I don’t want to embark in a long and expensive quest on ebay; however they deserve been painted with some cool colors.

That’s another reason why I don’t like very much the new Lizardmen range: their all alike smurfy blue color. You can still paint them how you prefer, but all official artwork and studio models show always their “official” look. In the 90’s instead there wasn’t an unique official color scheme, so even the army book was full of ideas and tips about how to make your dudes unique.

(I still have some plastic skinks but they don’t count: they are for model testing and for possible future diorama projects)

For now my Lizardmen army project ends here, and starting from the next post I’ll start new projects… BUT this is not the real end; I have some other ides that I would like to realize about this army, and sooner or later I’ll pick amd realize at least some of them:

  • Strip and repaint my old Stegadon, kitbashing a bigger howdah.
  • Strip and repaint Oxyotl hero and the Skink Priest.
  • Strip and repaint Tehenhauin (lamest lizardmen miniature EVER.. I’ll probably skip this one)
  • More saurus with spears? Just in case I’m super lucky and I stumple in a really good deal.
  • Collect a unit of skink cold one riders (indeed quite expensive). No, I’m not into saurus riders because:
    • In 5th they didn’t exist, and converting them using other models is a real pain.
    • Saurus cold ones suck: they are goofy and ridiculous.
  • Buy a Reaper Bones triceratops and create an epic custom Stegadon (one day I’ll talk about my new love for Reaper minis!)
  • Buy a Reaper Bones t-rex and kitbash an epic Saurus Lord on carnosaur OR a Dread Saurian (probably the latter because Bones model is HUGE).

The Chief

With the Saurus Oldblood I almost finished to paint all my Lizardmen collection (old models and the new ones) so I was ready to start a new batch of unpainted minis, BUT…

Looking how my painting skills has been improved since I was a teen, I decided to expand my project by stripping and repainting also my old painted minis (or at least the oldest and the most relevant ones).

So I started with one of my favourites, the Skink Chief (back when having a skink general was a thing)!

This is a really cool character, and I tried to increase his coolness replacing the original weapon with a big hunting spear and adding a furred cape. Also a higher base to make him pop over the troops.

Saurus Oldblood

Beware the mighty Oldblood!

Like I said in the previous post, the 5th edition Lizardmen range was very cool but incompleted, since GW never released Saurus characters apart from the command group champions. So to find a worthy lord to finish my army I had to make an exception and choose a newer model.
I still think that a more aztec-like feathered model would be really cool, but this model is quite nice too: it does have the bone crest that all the new models have, but since he’s a character it could be a special mark that the Old Ones gave to him. The miniature itself is chunky and massive compared to other Saurus, and to make him pop on the battlefield I also added a small rock on the base.

Terradon from above

Back in the days I didn’t have any terradons, but I thought it would be nice to a small unit complete my collection, so I searched and bought three of them .

Let’s be honest: these models are quite lame. Real pterodactyls were way bigger than them, and with such small wings it would be impossible for a creature like that to carry TWO skink riders. Also mounting them on the pillar base is a real pain.

I suppose that a properly scaled flying monster would be impractical on the battlefield, and also VERY expensive using the metal casting technology in the 90’s.

The 6th edition models were even uglier, even if they reduced the riders to a single skink. Finally with the newest plastic kit GW managed to increase the wings size and to obtain cool flying poses.

Anyway it’s still nice to have a few of these old models in my collection, and I painted them with different dominant colours.

Temple Guards

After 20 years I finally managed to assemble a decent unit of Saurus Temple Guard!

For me this is one of the best example of really cool looking models that were remade worse in later editions: these chunky skull-made helmets are really iconic, primitive and feral; since all the saurus on later editions gained a bone crest on their head, the temple guards couldn’t fit these chunky skulls anymore, so GW replaced them with some tiny party cone hat.. really lame. Now the temple guards look way more like the regular saurus.

I painted them with a dark skin tone to make the skull helmets popping out more. I think that the overall result is quite cool.

Saurus on the block

With the last skink unit, I finished to paint all my old unpainted Lizardmen models. Meanwhile I enjoied so much this project that I decided to expand the collection to have a complete army, before moving to my other unpainted non-Lizardmen miniatures.

Indeed in the 90’s I never finished the full army as it was intended to be: the new Dogs of War army was released, and I fell in love with them; then the new 6th edition arrived, with TONS of new models for my beloved Empire.. and the Lizardmen were set aside.

So I traded and bought some stuff on the secondary market, starting from a full command group for my Saurus core unit.

I didn’t want to repaint the entire unit, so I tried to match the old colour scheme with the new miniatures; the result is a bit different but I’m quite satisfied.

I’d like also to spend a few more words about the champion: it’s clear that during 5th edition GW didn’t complete the Lizardmen range as it was intended to be: Saurus heroes and most of the special characters in the army list never had official models; even an entire unit was never released (the cold ones riders), until the arrive of the same models for the Dogs of War army.

Anyway this champion model shows how saurus heroes could have been developed under 5th edition, with heavy maya/aztec elements. Later editions instead adopted more stylized high-fantasy ornaments, stepping away from the original source.

Sneaky skinks patrol

Here another small unit of my beloved skinks; they are the most versatile of the Lizardmen, so they can cover many different roles in society and on the battlefield.

This unit was supposed to be fielded as a small skirmisher/infiltrator unit, so I gave them a darker tone; they are also my only skink unit with javelins, all models in metal. They different poses are quite cool, although it can be noticed that being the first Lizardmen series produced the sculptors were still unsure about how a skink should look like: some skinks have still a weird roud crest that disappeared in later editions.

The champion had the javelin broken, so I had to replace it with a spare bit and I also added a scaly shield made witha real seashell fragment.

Slanns all stars: the Batraci Atroci

Meet the Batraci Atroci, my glorious Blood Bowl team!

I returned to the hobby in 2018 thanks to some friends that convinced me to play Blood Bowl again; we played a couple of spare matches, then we decided to start a full season using the new 6th edition ruleset. New rules are cool but I’ll never forgive GW to rescale the entire game to 32mm instead of the classic 28mm! I suppose the purpose is to convince people to buy new models and to avoid kitbashing/proxy models.

I liked the idea of the season, but I didn’t want to play with my old human team: they are the most vanilla team, so playing with them may be quite boring.

So I decided to assemble a new team; since I had already started painting my old Lizardmen army, a Lizardmen BB team was the natural choice: the mix of strong but clumsy saurus and weak but agile skinks is quite challenging. The problem was that the original 3rd edition team is almost impossible to find, and I didn’t have the skills and materials to kitbash a customized one; after some researches I finally decided to buy a second hand unofficial “frog team” by Gaspez miniatures. The models are quite funny and have an oldhammer flavour that I like.

So the “Batraci Atroci” were born! (“atrocious batrachians” in english). The smaller green frogs count as skinks, the turquoise bigger ones are the saurus and the big guy is obviously the kroxigor proxy.

I’m really proud of the paint result, this team shows how my painting skills have been improved in a few month. Also it was a real joy to look at them on the tabletop, crushing pitilessly the opponent almost-not-painted teams!

Indeed the team performed SO well that I won the season quite easily! I’m not a powergamer or a skilled coach, so I suppose it’s merit (or fault?) of the too randomized nature of Blood Bowl game itself. The result is that my friends decided to NOT play a second season, so my team is actually retired. I’m a bit sorry for that, I would have liked to rearrange the models as a new Slann team, to try a different play style.

Saurus on their way

This time I’ll go with some saurus warrior!

I had a small batch of old unpainted plastic monopose warriors; on the battlefield a unit so small wouldn’t be very effective, but who cares! It’s really unlikely that I will ever play again with them, if not just purely for fun.

Starting from the 6th edition Games Workshop changed their appearance introducing a sort of bone crest; the new design is nice, but I still prefer the old one: it looks more feral, with more primitive weapons, and it reinforces the idea of creatures specifically designed to be soldiers, so they just need really basic equipment to be ready for war.

For this reason I painted weapons and shields like they are made of flint stone; for the command group I had only a spare drummer, so I slightly converted a monopose warrior to handle a handmade standard; the result is not that great, I still had to improve my crafting skills A LOT.

Not only skinks

Here another batch of skinks!

This time I wanted to assemble a classic combo-unit, with some kroxigors to support their tiny relatives.

The kroxigors were already painted back in the days at a decent level, so for now I decided to keep them as they are. Their design is really cool, so they would perfectly fit also with modern miniatures; in the 2000s with the 6th edition GW released new models that were quite lame, indeed the new plastic ones are pretty cool.

All the skinks are again the classic monoposes with short bows (disappeard since 6th edition)

except for the command group; I didn’t have one because I used to field them as skirmishers, so I had to trade it online. The champion is supposed to have albino skin, but I ended with a bit too much turquoise tint.

In general I think that this unit looks very cool, a menacing swarm of little cunning fighters with some frightening monster towering over them.